Sunday, March 27, 2016

Catching The Solar Eclipse

Viewing The Solar Eclipse
9th March was the day we can catch the solar eclipse. Chatters in school + news got Yining interested  and talking about the eclipse. So the kacang guni Dad dug up a sun filter from the hobbyist telescope set for her to watch the eclipse.

The eclipse started about 7:23am, so we could catch the beginning of the eclipse before Yining goes to school. We have a east facing window, so it was perfect for the observation.

By the time she got the hang of using the sun filter, it was something like this.

The solar eclipse
Okay! Mission accomplished! Something for her to go talk about in school.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our Little Science Experiment

Nowadays they learn new things very early. Yining is in K2 this year and there was some discussion about using magnifying glass to start fire. The school didn't do the practical, so geek Daddy will do it. 

While doing it, I had to give the standard safety warning. No playing without adult supervision. Do not leave the magnifying glass lying around as it may start a fire and stuff. Doesn't matter even if the kids don't understand fully. They have good memory, they will come to figure it out as they progress. 

So, our simple science experiment. Play fire. Lol! 

And of course we didn't forget to goof around with the magnifying glass.