Monday, June 15, 2015

Baby Boss Taipei - A Must Go For The Young Ones

Baby Boss has to be the highlight for this trip. We heard so much good things about it and how enjoyable so we planned it into our itinerary for Yining to visit Baby Boss. The intention was to start at 10am and leave at about 3pm in the afternoon so that we can move off to some other places. And I must say I have totally underestimated the amount of time we can spend there.

Baby Boss has over 40 stations for the kids to experience different occupations. Average time spent at each station is 30 mins.

We chose a Thursday to visit because that's considered off-peak. And this is how off-peak looks like.

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Upon entering, the staff advised us to quickly join any station that has vacancies. Each station take a fix amount of children.

Yining and I took a quick walk around the facility and quickly joined the Airline queue. The waiting time was about 20 mins.

Airline queue
For these station, the kids were supposed to be role playing as pilots or cabin crew. This is the only station with parent involvement. Parent of the cabin crew kid is given a single boarding pass to take part in the play.

Boarding Pass

The cabin crew kids changed into their uniform and each of them had a luggage to lug along just like a cabin crew.

The cabin crew

Photo and video taking is not allowed after we board the "plane" for whatever reasons. Anyway, in the plane they had the kids 'serve' the passengers.

Mock up plane

The whole experience was about 20 mins. Yining was starting to get the hang of it. :)

The next station we went to was the Baby Nursery, where they had to be nurses taking care of babies.

Baby Nursery

Again, there was the queue for 20 mins. And this was the uniform Yining had to wear.

At this station, they were taught how to clean the baby, put them in swaddle etc. It's not just simply role playing. There is real education going there.

Conclusion from this exercise - Yining is not very gentle with babies. :P

The next station we went to was the Carpentry workshop.

Queue was again about 20 mins. Many parents were feeding their kids in the queue to save time. I pale in comparison as a kiasu Singaporean. Lol! Yining had her light snack too while waiting.

While waiting, an creepy doll caught my attention.

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This was supposed to be the injured victim to be rescue by the Emergency Room station. They take the role play very seriously. The kids arrived in an ambulance.

Ok, back to Carpentry. Again, they were given a nice session on the tools and stuff.  At the end of it they had to make a stool which is pieced together like a puzzle.

By the time this station is completed, we had already spent 3 hours there. I dropped Mummy a message telling her that she and Ah Yi can go shop around more. I don't think we will leave before 5pm.

I had to convince Yining to break for lunch. She was all hyped up after the 3 stations and she wanted more.

There's an eatery inside Baby Boss serving pasta and fast food. Because Baby Boss do not allow re-entry, we couldn't go out for lunch. So we settled for a quick meal of pasta. The meatball was pretty good.

It was a quick lunch of about 30 mins and we are back in action at the Dental station.

By this time, the chaotic crowd in the morning had almost cleared up. Those were school excursion trips and they started leaving after lunch. So now it becomes less competitive for the queues. :P

Yining came out telling me that the patient they had is call Jimmy. And he cried when they pulled out his tooth. Yes, there were tears. 

We quickly moved on to our next station after the Dental Clinic. I forgot what's the name of station, but they were taught household chores over here. This is the helper in her uniform. 

This station is pretty big in size, so in order to let parent see what the kids are doing inside, they put up CCTV for us to view. With the crowd gone, there are only 2 of them in this station.

So, by now we have done 5 stations. We are not stopping, or at least Yining is not thinking about stopping.

Our next station is the Dairy Farm. Like the previous station, they go through the educational lessons and move on to practical. They had to 'milk' the cow and later clean up the cow. I find the kids more enthusiastic cleaning the cow than milking it.

Our next stop is the Police Station. It happened that this segment is shooting practice. Else they will be running around the playground play acting as the police.

Check out the attitude. And she's quite a good shooter after some practise.

By the end of this station, it was around 4pm. Some of the stations have already closed although the operating hours is up to 6pm. A bit disappointed here because we thought we could try the Space station or Fire station when the crowd cleared.

The last station we went to was the Gas Station. There was a lot of participation here presumably because the choice was getting limited. The job here was to be the gas attendant.

And finally! We are done! And this is Yining's wages for the day.

We started with $10 complimentary each station pays $10 each. There was a bonus station that paid $20, so the total wages for Yining was $100. With the $100, she can make purchases in the playground. I explained to her the value of money and how she "worked" for the money. After that I let her decide what she wanted. The pragmatic father takes every opportunity for education. :P

So in the end she spent $10 bucks on a car ride and the rest on some stationery items. That's it, there goes the $100 bucks.

We eventually left the place at 5pm. With 40 over stations, I think we could have easily spent 3 days there, so this is definitely going into the next travel plans for Taiwan.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

And The Feasting Continues

Always distracting her with food when she gets tired of walking and shopping. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Makan Kaki At Work Again

Local breakfast, fast food, pastry, street food. Everything works for her. :)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Makan Kaki At 淡水阿给

It's the famous 阿给 at 淡水 again. We like the 米粉 so much, we had to go back for this during this trip.

This was 2013. It was this trip when we discovered how adventurous Yining is with food and how she enjoyed good food.

And this is 2015. Obviously enjoying. There's a bit of struggle though with the lack of the 2 front teeth. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Journey and Adventure

This was meant to be posted in earlier. Yining has since attended her new kindergarten for 3 months. :)

Yining started her childcare when she was slightly over 2. Now she's 5 and she moving on to a new school from the childcare.

Over the last 3 years in childcare, Yining has grown from a fearless toddler to a young cheeky girl. Throughout these journey, Mummy and I were grateful to have the teachers at the childcare taking care of her. I must give credits to all the teachers for having such patience and love for Yining.

Miss Yong, N1
赵老师, N1

冯老师, N2

Miss Kaur, N2

林老师, K1

Miss Florence



Miss Angela

Miss Ho

Going Home
There's also Miss Jeanie from her toddler class. Besides the love for Yining, she has also taught us a lot as parents when dealing with a toddler.

Thank you again to all the teachers. :)

My Makan Kaki

We are back in Taiwan again after our last trip in 2012. And my buddy here is definitely enjoying it. :)

This is just Day 1.