Friday, July 19, 2013

Naughty Girl - In Yining's Words

I'm not sure what language is this, but I guess it's Eastern European side. Yining has been watching this video lately. She says the little girl in the video is very naughty. And really, if you watch the video, the little girl gets into all kinds of trouble. :)

This is an opportunity to teach Yining as well, so I watched the videos with her and explained to her why the antics of the 'naughty girl' are not acceptable.

It's pretty entertaining actually. :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Taiwan Holiday - Day 4 : 淡水老街

In the last post, we went to Leo Foo theme park where Yining had a lot of fun. We left the park and took a 2 hour drive back to the hotel at Taipei, 淡水. I chose this hotel called Park City Hotel, which is 1 train stop away from 淡水老街. Convenience is the utmost consideration when travelling with Yining. 

Food was the first thing we looked for at 淡水. And on the recommendation of my guide, we went to this very traditional stall selling 阿给.

And I think you can see how tasty the food is judging by how much Yining's enjoying her meal.

阿给 is actually something like our Yong Tau Foo. The locals says it's very nice, but I thought it was just normal. The bee hoon and fishball were very good though!

IMG 6654

IMG 6656

After our meal, we went for some shopping. Went to this shop to buy ginger tea.

IMG 6665

 The rest was just shopping. We walked around for about 2 plus hours only because it was Yining's bedtime very soon.