Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Taiwan Holiday - Day 4 : 六福村主题游乐园 Leo Foo Theme Park

Day Number 4 of our vacation in Taiwan. We are leaving 清境 to return to 台北 (Taipei). The original itinerary was to visit 日月潭. (Sun Moon Lake) before returning to Taipei. However it was raining that morning, so I had a quick discussion with our guide 小胖 to adjust the itinerary. We decided to give Sun Moon Lake a miss and head back to Taipei directly. But along the way, we will stop over at 六福村主题游乐园 (Leo Foo Theme Park) in 新竹 (Hsinchu).

Mummy and Yining At Leo Foo Theme Park

Yining and Daddy at Leofoo Theme Park

Leo Foo Theme Park has 4 theme parks and a zoo. The admission was approximately 50 SGD per adult. Yining goes in for free. And ALL rides are included in the admission. We arrived at the theme park at 11am. Our guide said he will pick up at 5pm. I was doubtful. Kept telling him we will probably leave at 4pm or earlier. Well, I was wrong.

I think it's because we were there on a weekday. There was no crowd. In the morning there were some school excursions, but towards the end of the day, the whole theme park was virtually empty. Which is good for us because we didn't have to queue for anything. :)

Friendly Reminder

At the admission, I was given this slip to help me filter out all the rides that Yining can take. Convenient and thoughtful! 

We started off at the Arabian Palace and did the milder stuff first - Carousel.

Yining On The Carousel

Then we went to feed the horses. Yining was less apprehensive now, after having experience with the sheep feeding.

There was this animal called alpaca. Interesting. We don't even see it in the Singapore Zoo.


This is Yining on the horse chariot, without the horse.

Yining on chariot

And now the 'horse'. She went 3 round on this. 

IMG 0595

These are the mascots of the zoo.

IMG 0602

The big alligator or crocodile. Yining wouldn't put her head in there.


 And Father and Daughter on the ride that took us around part of zoo. Of course I was the only 1 pedalling.


Then we went to the Safari, where we took a bus into the wild animal enclosure. Inside there, we are caged up, not the animals. And here we caught an interesting scene of the tiger munching grass.

Tiger Munching Grass

And a lazy tiger.

Lazy Tiger

We took a mini train ride after the bus ride and got up close with some of the animals. 

Up Close With Giraffe

Yining was like all excited throughout. Somehow, while the zoo there is not as beautiful as our Singapore Zoo, the experience is different. We were 'closer' to the animals. 

And after that we went back to the theme park and tried things more exciting. There's this ride we thought was mild. It looked like Viking thing we had when we were younger, so I thought, why not. Let's let Yining try it. And we were caught in surprise when the thing started spinning.

Yining was abit worried at first, then when she got the hang of it, she went wild. 

Look at how apprehensive Yining was initially. And in the next video, she's totally enjoying it. After the first ride, the operator asked if we wanted to go another round. Yining answered immediately. And here we go again!

We went for some other rides after that and we ended the day with a mild ride for Yining.

Milder Ride

 By the time we left the theme park, it was already 5pm. We spent a good 6 hours at the theme park. My guide was good. He totally knew we would be enjoying the theme park. No wonder he set the pick up time at 5.

Leaving Leo Foo

We took another 1 over hour drive to our hotel in 淡水 to check in. Of course that's not the end of the day yet. I will leave the rest to the next update.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Portraits Of Family and Friends

According to Yining, there's Papa, Mama, Yining and her classmates.

Well Done. :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Taiwan Holiday - Part 2 of Day 3

We are now at Part 2 of Day 3 on 7th May 2013.

As I'm writing this post, I'm also watching the news flash on Taiwan earthquake. The same place where we went to, was hit with several earthquakes. The strongest quake was of magnitude 6.3 on the Richter scale. I was actually worried that we would encounter the earthquake when we were there, especially when we were driving up to the mountains, rather paranoid.

Anyway, let's continue with Part 2 of Day 3.

After walking down the flight of stairs, we had our lunch at 纸箱王. The unique thing about this place is that everything there is made of paper!


The windmill behind Yining, is also made of paper. Of course it's specially treated to be waterproof. The food containers and the benches we set on are all made of paper too!

Paper king merchandize

Together in 纸箱王, is the merchandise shop, where they sell the benches that we sat on, the lamps etc. All made of paper. And Yining upon seeing the rocking, wasted no time hopping onto it. :)

One of the interesting things we bought at 纸箱王 is this handicraft where we have to DIY to weave it.

Yining's Horoscope

Took abit of effort to 'weave' it though. 


And our next destination, 清境小瑞士花园. This place sit right beside 纸箱王. Why they call it 小瑞士? Because it's modelled like Switzerland or Europe.

 It was drizzling a little and Yining wanted to carry her own umbrella. It was oversized, so it looked a umbrella moving around on it's own.


It was raining, so I didn't take much pictures. Wouldn't look nice anyway. We just did the usual, 'been here, done that' stuff. :P And compared to the places we visited in the morning, this place really pales in comparison.

After 清境小瑞士花园, we discuss with the guide, either to call it a day or to proceed to the hot spring. I was apprehensive again on the hot spring part because we have to drive down the mountain and drive up another one. The motion sickness thing still spooks me. In the end, we still decided to go ahead. Fortunately, no incident not the way, because Yining slept through the whole journey. She must be really tired after having so much fun for the whole day. In fact on the way back, Yining knocked out too. :)

Our guide brought us to this place where we can get a private room for family.


From this point onwards, no pictures. All censored. :) It was a great soak, after walking around for the whole day. We walked around the area after the spring and bought some local products. After which, off we headed back to our lodging to have a rest to get ready for Day 4!