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Our Getaway At Montigo Resorts - Final

Day 3 and also our last day at Montigo Resort. Checkout's at 12pm so we couldn't plan for too many things. First thing in the morning of course, is to take a dip in the private pool before we headed out for breakfast.

As usual, Yining feasting and enjoying her breakfast. In fact her appetite was so good this entire trip, I think she actually gained weight.

IMG 4499

IMG 6013

Since there was nothing much to do until checkout, we did the tourist thing - Take pictures.

IMG 4504

Can see that Yining has turned red after having so much fun in the pool for the entire 3 days.

IMG 4522

After checkout, we were ferried to Nongsa Marina where we arrived at to board the private yacht for return to Singapore.

IMG 6017

And finally, back in Singapore, Yining happily dragging her spoils from the trip.

IMG 6018

IMG 6019

Our Getaway At Montigo Resorts - Part 2

Day 2 of the trip. Yining woke up early. And what was the first thing on her mind? Yes. Swimming. It was about 6:30am when we hit the pool. 6:30am?! I can almost hear the old folks at home cringe in shock. Fear not, it's actually 7:30am Singapore time. Early yes, but the water wasn't too cold. It's already bright and sunny there in Batam.

IMG 2336

We spent about 1 hour in the pool, refreshing for a morning. Think I need to start considering (and working harder) for a housing change. :)

After swimming, it's breakfast time! 

IMG 5942

IMG 5946

Feasting and enjoying herself as usual. We took our time for breakfast. The resort serves breakfast from 6:30am to 11:00am. We had ample time to relax and enjoy breakfast at the poolside.

IMG 5948

IMG 5952

The next activity on the agenda: A shopping trip to a mall in Nagoya. And while waiting for the transport, we had a surprising encounter.

IMG 4382

According to the resort staff, we were the first people to see Tilo, the resort mascot. (We also saw the whole process of the poor chap getting stuffed into the suit). Apparently the costume just arrived. Soon after that we got onto the transport to Nagoya.

Over in Nagoya, we found A&W. They have been gone from Singapore for at least 20 years or maybe more. We relaxed the cold drink rule slightly to let Yining try the root beer float. As usual with children, they can't get enough of the cold and sweet stuff.

IMG 5988

IMG 5992

After food, it's shopping for a couple of hours before we headed back to the resort. And these are the loot from the shopping. Mostly Yining's stuff. She actually chose all these herself. Cost me more almost half a million for all these, Indonese Rupiah. :)

IMG 4457

Guess what we did after getting back to the villa? Yes, the pool again. Yining just can't get enough of the pool.

IMG 4403

IMG 4406

Just look at how relaxed she is. She enjoying herself to the max.

IMG 4447

IMG 4453

Day 2 ended with a late dinner. And because of the 2 swims and a full day of shopping, Yining knocked out totally that night. :) 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Getaway At Montigo Resorts - Part 1

Mummy and I have been mulling over where we want to go to for a short break. And of course the place had to be friendly for younger kids, i.e. Yining. After reviewing a couple of places, we decided on the Montigo Resort at Nongsa, Batam.

Before the trip, we told Yining we will be going for a holiday and she could swim. Yining likes water play very much so naturally it got her so excited. Throughout the whole week before the holiday, she was asking when she can go swimming.

So finally the day came for us to go for our holiday. Yining was all ready with her gear.

IMG 4287

We made our way to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal where we checked in and waited for the yacht to ferry us to Nongsa. While waiting, we gave Yining this lollipop that supposed to keep her from getting seasick.

IMG 4316

I forgot to take a picture of the box but it can be found at Kiddy Palace.
So, after a short wait, we boarded the yacht that takes us to Nongsa directly.

IMG 4322

IMG 4325

We went up to the upper deck of the yacht which is open air. It was really windy, very comfortable despite the hot sun. And Yining continued working on her anti-seasick lollipop. Not sure whether it really helped we gave it to her anyway. Couldn't risk her getting giddy and puking all the way to Nongsa.
And after 20 mins, we reached Nongsa Marina.

IMG 5886

There was a minivan to pick us up to ferry us to the resort from the marina.
And what was on Yining's mind the entire journey?

IMG 5902

IMG 5904

Yup. Swimming. So we hit the pool once we hit the resort. Didn't even have chance to do anything else.

After the swim, we tried to get Yining to take her afternoon nap, but I guess she was too hyped up and excited. So we decided to take a walk around the resort to explore the facilities, in particular the kid's playground.

The playground was pretty interesting. They have the usual slides, ball pit etc and a few play stations with different kind of toys. 

IMG 4348

IMG 4346


Ok. This part 1 of the update. More coming over the next few days.

Yining's 3rd Birthday Celebration School - 1st Feb 2013

Yining's 1st and 2nd birthday were celebrated at home with family. While she had fun blowing candles and enjoyed eating the cake, it was amongst us adult. Since she has gone to school and started to make friends, it makes perfect sense to have the celebration in school.
So for her birthday 3rd this year, we decided to have the celebration in her childcare so that she can have fun with her friends in school.
On the morning of the celebration, we sent her to school as usual. The celebration starts at 3pm which is teatime at the childcare. When we got to the childcare, Yining's teachers have already set the tables for the celebration.
IMG 4113
On Yining's request, we got her the Elmo cake decorators. The cake was a strawberry yoghurt cake. Very delicious, judging by how the kids were enjoying it after the cake cutting.
IMG 4124
IMG 4115
IMG 4118
These are the family pictures. Yining with Mummy and me.
IMG 4129
Yining with Grandma.
IMG 4130
Yining with her classmates.
IMG 4134
IMG 4136
Quite challenging to get all the children to look in one direction but you can see who are the naturals.
IMG 4144
Yining cutting her cake after the birthday song
IMG 4155
IMG 4156
We also prepared some small gifts for all the children in nursery classes. Kids being kids, they were all delighted to receive the small gift.
And that's it. A Happy 3rd Birthday for Yining!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mega Update In The Pipeline!

I feel so bad. Because I have not been updating Yining's blog since Christmas. So many things have taken place since Christmas, like Yining celebrating her 3rd birthday in the childcare, her overseas trip etc. So, I'm going to set aside a couple of hours these weeks for a mega update, so stay tuned for the update.
For now, Yining's most recent pictures.

The rascal sure knows how to enjoy. :p