Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yining's New Friend

Singa collage

Yining's new friend at our neighbourhood CC. 



Yining The 管家婆!

I have been telling Yining to stay in her room these couple of days because of the haze. I told her that the air outside is dirty so she needs to stay in her room because she has a cough.

So, this morning Yining was trying to get Mummy to go inside her room. She repeated what I said, “外面臭臭,快点进来!” (Every smelly outside, come into the room now!). Mummy was busy with something else, so she told Yining she will go into the room in a while. The rascal kept repeating and urging Mummy to go inside the room, and so came the last straw.

She told her Mummy, “妈妈!我讲很多次了!快点进来!”.  That's it. Mummy had to get moving immediately. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yining Nebulizing Herself

Yining Nebulizing Herself

This took considerable effort. Initially, Yining was very resistant. We had to practically hold down her hands and legs to nebulize her as she screams throughout the tortuous 3 mins or so. It's a difficult and heart aching thing to do, but I strongly agree with our PD that nebulizing is the fastest and most effective way to fix the problem when the kid is having a cough.

Couple of trial and errors took us to this point when she's voluntarily holds the nebuliser.

1. We bought a set of nebulizer ourself. It was an unintentional coincidence that we got one with a softer humming motor. The one that the clinic loaned us was very loud. We found that Yining resisted less with the softer motor.

2. We showed her pictures and videos on Youtube that showed kids cooperating nicely when using the nebulizer. The copy-cat effect took over. She voluntarily 'setup' the nebulizer when we told her it's time to get her treatment.

3. I personally did a few rounds of the nebulizer with Yining holding on to the mouthpiece to convince her that there was nothing scary about it. Of course, I filled the machine with saline and not medicine. In fact PD said saline treatment is good for adults when there's a sore throat.

Hope these tips help parents who have problems with nebulizing their kids. Remember, this is the most effective way for getting rid of that cough. If you give in to the struggling, the cough will take a longer time to heal and might eventually lead to other complications.