Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Yining Trying Out The Training Chopsticks

It's embarrassing. I do not know how to use the chopsticks properly until the age of 32, until Yining was born. I decided that I want her to learn the right way of holding the chopsticks (amongst other things of course), so I started to learn to use the chopsticks correctly.

For Yining's training, we got her a pair of training chopsticks. At the present stage, her motor skills are good enough for her to learn to manipulate the chopsticks.

And this is her attempt to feed herself using the chopsticks.

Pretty well done ya? :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Legoland Malaysia - Yining Was Here!

Yining has been asking us to bring her to Legoland Malaysia ever since she saw the advertisement on TV. (Yes, she's telling us what she wants now.)

Through www.deal.com.sg, we bought vouchers for a 2D1N stay at KSL Resort and tickets to Legoland. 

On Day 2, we took the coach to KSL Resort. The journey was smooth, took us about an hour from the pickup point in Singapore to KSL.

And on Day 2, the coach picked us up again and sent us to Legoland at 10am. The queue to enter Legoland was long, but it didn't take as long as we expected. We got in with less than 15 of queueing.


At Legoland Entrance

As with all the other theme parks, the first thing I went for was: a stroller.

IMG 4773

The stroller rental was RM20 for a Single and RM30 for a double. On hindsight, I should have gotten a double since it's only RM10 more. The double could function as a trolley for all the stuff we are carry as well. 

Yining Comfortable In The Stroller With Ah Yi

The highlight of Legoland, is the miniatures of various countries. And here it is, mini CBD.

Pano shot of Lego CBD

There are numerous rides in Legoland and all of them have their age and height limit.

Yining Height Check

Height check cleared, so here we go!

Yining on the ride

This ride goes and up and down at various height and speed. And again, affirming my theory, the kids are not afraid of height unless you teach them to. Yining was having hell of a great time.


We went for the 'must-have' ride for kids. All the kids enjoy this simple ride. 

We went on for a few other rides and attractions and the last stop was at the water park. Yining got herself real wet and tired. (That was the real intention).

Yining water play

So, we ended the day at Legoland after that. It's amazing how we can spend close to 7 hours in the theme park.

Yining having a bite before leaving Legoland

And like all kids, Yining knocked out after that, all the way to Singapore.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yining's Impeccable Logic

Yining displayed to us her impeccable logic early this morning.

She woke up and saw the iPad and iPad Mini and she started her allocation. She said the brand new iPad Mini belongs to her, iPad belongs to Mummy. FYI, the iPad "belonged to her" before I got the iPad Mini. I looked at her and asked her, "How about PaPa?". And she said, "You have the computer."

……. Speechless.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Passport Stamp

Technically, this is not the first time Yining left Singapore. We went a cruise in May this year, but because we didn't have to clear any immigration after exiting Singapore, her passport stays intact and clean.

This time round we went over the causeway to Johor Bahru and Yining got her first passport stamp!

Yining's First Passport Stamp

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Yining

This is what we always like to see. Yining happy, enjoying herself, having fun. 

Happy Yining

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life's Wildly Happy

Life's wildly happy and simple for Yining. :)

Yining Wildly Happy On The Swing

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yining's New Friend

Singa collage

Yining's new friend at our neighbourhood CC. 



Yining The 管家婆!

I have been telling Yining to stay in her room these couple of days because of the haze. I told her that the air outside is dirty so she needs to stay in her room because she has a cough.

So, this morning Yining was trying to get Mummy to go inside her room. She repeated what I said, “外面臭臭,快点进来!” (Every smelly outside, come into the room now!). Mummy was busy with something else, so she told Yining she will go into the room in a while. The rascal kept repeating and urging Mummy to go inside the room, and so came the last straw.

She told her Mummy, “妈妈!我讲很多次了!快点进来!”.  That's it. Mummy had to get moving immediately. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yining Nebulizing Herself

Yining Nebulizing Herself

This took considerable effort. Initially, Yining was very resistant. We had to practically hold down her hands and legs to nebulize her as she screams throughout the tortuous 3 mins or so. It's a difficult and heart aching thing to do, but I strongly agree with our PD that nebulizing is the fastest and most effective way to fix the problem when the kid is having a cough.

Couple of trial and errors took us to this point when she's voluntarily holds the nebuliser.

1. We bought a set of nebulizer ourself. It was an unintentional coincidence that we got one with a softer humming motor. The one that the clinic loaned us was very loud. We found that Yining resisted less with the softer motor.

2. We showed her pictures and videos on Youtube that showed kids cooperating nicely when using the nebulizer. The copy-cat effect took over. She voluntarily 'setup' the nebulizer when we told her it's time to get her treatment.

3. I personally did a few rounds of the nebulizer with Yining holding on to the mouthpiece to convince her that there was nothing scary about it. Of course, I filled the machine with saline and not medicine. In fact PD said saline treatment is good for adults when there's a sore throat.

Hope these tips help parents who have problems with nebulizing their kids. Remember, this is the most effective way for getting rid of that cough. If you give in to the struggling, the cough will take a longer time to heal and might eventually lead to other complications.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Old School Cake

Yining likes her old school cake. We found this the cake at a very old traditional confectionary at Alexandra Village.

Yining Loves Her Old School Cake

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beach Babe

And I'm referring to Yining, not the one in the background. She's enjoying the beach more than I had expected. :)

Beach Babe

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 2 @ CGH Child Care

Day 2. It's uneventful. *Touch Wood*. The teachers' comments were positive. Yining's enjoying herself and assimilating well. The only small episode was before and after sleep. She wants to look for Mummy. But overall, the picture below summarizes this entire day.

Yining Sleeping With Her Fellow Toddlers

Monday, April 9, 2012

Yining's Going To Child Care

Finally, after a very long wait, Yining's going to child care. She's 26 months now, so it's overdue by 8 months. We waited a good 8 months for a place in the child care in CGH. We visited a few child centers in the past, some of which had immediate vacancies but overall I was more comfortable with the environment at CGH.

So, today's the start of a new adventure for Yining. Early in the morning, she gets up to brush her teeth.

Yining Brushing Her Teeth

Then Mummy got her all dressed up for her first day.

Yining In Her White Dress

There was a bit of resistance when we arrived in school, but Yining settled down pretty fast after that. I was originally quite worried that she might resist and start crying. Instead, the other kids who were there a week before her were howling away. It's quite a chaotic scene. Thank goodness the chaos didn't affect Yining much.

Because of her comfort with the environment, the teachers suggested we stay out of her sight. The original intention was to stay with her throughout the day to ease any anxiety, but since she was ok, we decided to step away. This was the only picture I took from a distance. No other pictures of her in action.

Yining @ CGH Playground

The rascal as usual, likes to wander. But she was was quickly caught and returned back to her group. But frankly speaking, the slide that her group was playing on was too small. That's probably why she wandered off to the bigger slide that the older kids are playing on.

So I practically stayed out of sight for the next few hours. I anticipated that she might act up during the shower session, but she didn't. Lunch time was uneventful as well. I was actually planning to bring her home after lunch, but teachers suggested that I leave her with the group for nap time since she's coping ok, but we will play by ear. And as anticipated by the teachers and myself, she couldn't get to sleep and since there was no other activities to distract her, she started to act up. And so it's time for us to go home.

Yining Going Home From Child Care

This half a day of activities drained her energy, so much that she knocked out for 2+ hours after we reach 外婆's place.

So, we are gearing up for Day 2. Hopefully she can nap abit before I bring her home. If she does, we will be on track for an entire day on Day 3! I'm keeping my fingers cross!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Toy - Maxi Micro Scooter Board

Yes, Yining gets new toys too. Daddy gets more though. :P

Yining On Her New Scooter Board

This is the one we got if anyone's interested - http://micro.ms/shop/product/mm0019

We got this from a shop at Takashimaya, The Better Toy Store. Ask the helpful salesgirls for demonstration. They are very willing to assist.


Yining's Painted Fingers

She got markers and highlighters, and started painting her fingers. My goodness!!! *faint*

Yining's Painted Fingers

Friday, March 30, 2012


Yining likes her new bag so much, she insisted in bringing the bag this morning.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A small blister on her face got worse because of her continuos scratching. We had no choice but to plaster her face. But, she likes it.

Yining With Plaster On Her Face

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


不听话的后果. She got this from jumping around on the bed. Landed on the headboard.

Big Bump On Yining's Head

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yining's New Haircut

Yining has not had short hair before. From the day she was born, she had thick hair. We have never seen her scalp. Even down to the 1st month and 4th month where it's tradition to shave her head bald, I couldn't bear to do it. So we end up only cutting abit of her hair ceremoniously.

Yining On Her 4th Day

So over the last 2 years, Yining has her hair trimmed every 1 - 2 months, and she's on her way to keeping her long thick hair. Her hair is already over shoulder length.

Yining with shoulder length hair

Now there's a problem. This rascal don't like us tying up her hair. And because she perspires a lot, she's often in a hot sticky mess. So we had no choice but to send her for a hair overhaul.

And now this is how Yining looks like.

Yining with new hairdo.

I guess we will be keeping it this way, until she's vain enough to know that she wants to tie up her hair nicely.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

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