Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bubbles Bubbles!

Took a morning walk at East Coast Park last Monday like we always do after breakfast. This morning, we had a surprise for Yining: Bubbles!

Yining With Bubbles


Yining With Bubbles

Friday, November 18, 2011


Twins?! No way! Blood pressure already gets very high with one. :P It's just Yining having fun playing with her own reflection in the mirror.

Yining has always had this fascination with mirror since she was very very little, I think about 3 months. A little vain pot she is. :)

Twin Yining!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Con Job!

The Con Job: How to con Yining into not fighting with us for the sweet drinks at MacDonalds?

Get one of these cups and pour plain water inside.

MacDonalds XS Cup

And there you are! Yining even said: "Wahhhhhhh…cold cold ahhhhh…..!!!" It's just plain water really. :P She just wants to be drinking from the Macdonalds cup like everyone else. Doesn't matter whether it's Coke or whatever.

Yining Conned

Yining Conned

Monday, November 7, 2011

Picnic With Yining At Botanic Gardens

We were at Botanic Gardens last Saturday with Chris and Karen. This is Yining's first time there. As usual, she's excited because of the new environment and the ample space for her to run about. We reached the place at abut 8.30am and stay for about 3 hours. Usually we will pack and leave for home before 10am, but the weather was great on that day, we could stay longer and let Yining run around more.

So, as usual, she gets all excited, runs about, gets tired and this is the result.

Tired Yining

Tired Yining

As much as possible, Mummy and I would bring Yining out to experience nature on weekend mornings. During the weekdays, she spends most of her time indoor. Ever since Yining can walk on her own, we have brought her to various parks.

The next place that I'm have been contemplating bringing her to is the treetop walks at MacRitchie and HortPark. But before that I got to hunt for a backpack carrier so that I can carry her on my back when she's tired. She's not going to last walking a few kilometers with me. :) Hope I can get a good one soon and we can go for our next adventure! :)


Act Cool!

Cool ya?? Candid shot actually. :) She was throwing a tantrum. >:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Are Going Cycling!!

Well actually, not yet. i just managed to fix up the bike seat yesterday night.

Front Mounted Child Seat