Friday, October 21, 2011

On the Helix

The bridge to Marina Bay Sand.

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Morning Walk, The One Before Changi Point

After hearing from my colleagues that the Punggol Park Connector is extended all the way to the Punggol jetty, I decided to bring Yining for a walk.

There are 3 stages to our morning walk.

Stage 1:

Yining is very enthusiastic, she wants to walk on her on own. Don't want to hold hands.

Stage 2:

She want 抱抱. Too tired after walking on her own. Refuse to come down to walk.

Stage 3:

Knock out totally. Favorite part for Mummy and me. :P She will sleep in the car and an hour or 2 more when we reach home. We figured this is the best way to expend her energy and get her to sleep, so we are going to do this more often. :P

For those who are interested in visiting the place. This is the map.

IMG 2055

Morning Walk @ Changi Point

Mummy and I are on leave for a couple days. It's great to be out on a weekday while everyone else is at work, particularly when you have to bring a kid with you. Crowded places is a major no-no when we want to bring Yining out.

This morning, we went to Changi Point for a walk after having breakfast at Changi Village Food Centre.

The weather is fantastic today. The skies are blue and the morning at 9 is still suitable for toddler skin. And being a weekday, there are no cyclists and skaters etc, so we can let Yining walk on her own without much worries. Some park users are plain selfish and reckless disregarding the safety of children. That's a separate issue though.

So here's snapshot of our walk this morning. Enjoy!


This could be a classic shot but I couldn't get the camera in time.

There's this painting work going on for my block and the workers are working outside on the gondola. Guess what the rascal did. She stood at the window to harass the workers. But of course the sliding windows were all shut and I think they couldn't hear her.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Yining's Graduation!

Yining has graduated from the Wiggles and Giggles unit from her Kindermusik class!

Last Saturday, Yining attended her last lesson for this unit and there was a graduation ceremony for the children. It was quite amusing. Yining's barely 21 months and she is already attending graduation ceremony.

Here's the video for the moment.

Yining joined this class on the 4th session of this unit. There are in 15 lessons in total and this is 1 of the 4 units in the 'Our Time' curriculum.

The main objective when we enrolled Yining into this class, was to let her interact with other children of her age. We just wanted her to have fun. Along the way, we saw visible improvements in certain aspects. Her speech ability improved after 3 or 4 sessions. Through the coordinated singing and dancing, she became conditioned to perform certain actions in reaction to music and keywords. And of course, she had a lot of fun.

We will be enrolling Yining for the next unit, which is Fiddle-dee-dee. More information on the curriculum here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yining at Bishan Park Macdonald's

Brought Yining to Macdonald's at Bishan Park today. Didn't take pictures of the place, but it's quite disappointing. Being in a park, I expect facilities for children to play, but there are none. The place is quite small so seats are limited. It's a good place to laze on a weekday afternoon though. I expect low patronage on weekdays.

Anyway for Yining, she enjoyed her food, or rather the ketchup. She uses fries as her dipstick to dip into the ketchup then lap up all the ketchup until the fries is wet and soggy. Then she will change another piece of fries since she can't get any ketchup with the soggy piece.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cheeky Yining

As always, the cheeky girl posing for the camera. :)

Cheek Yining

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yining Has Cravings Too!

Out of the blue, Yining kept asking for 'Tuckieee, Tuckieeee' and she keep sucking her fingers. For some reason she recognizes Kentucky (KFC) and she sucks her finger when she starts asking for 'Tuckieee, Tuckieeee'. We have never brought her to KFC nor ate KFC with her, so my guess is that she learnt about it from TV advertisement. (The evil television).

On the way back home just now, she started asking for it again and started crying. So, to satisfy this very weird craving, we brought her to KFC and bought Snacker set to satisfy her. A KFC, she recognizes the logo and everything. Amazing. (The evil television again).

In the end, her "craving" was satisfied with a few pieces of french fries. :) Mummy and I ate all the rest.

IMG 2915

I wonder what's the next thing she's going to ask for.