Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Roseola (薔薇疹) aka Fake Measles

We finally brought Yining home after 10 days after Mummy's MC. When we thought the H1N1 episode's over, something else cropped up.

The 2nd day after bringing her home, she started to have fever. Temperature went up as high as 39 degree. After prior experiences of her having fever, we are now less panicky. We gave her Paracetemol and did the sponging routine. Temperature eventually came down after 4 days.

But after the fever, another thing happened. She started to have rashes all over her body, no fever or other symptoms. We had to see the doctor right away. This is where we learnt another new ailment that babies tend to get i.e. Roseola (薔薇疹) aka Fake Measles.

Anyway doctor says this is not serious if the fever's over. The rashes will spread to the whole body and then disappear within the next 3 or 4 days. Great relieve for Mummy and me.

I won't going into the details of Rosela. In summary, it starts with a fever that lasts for 4-7 days, then after that the rashes starts appearing. It's commonly affecting children from 6 months to 2 years old. So, Mums and Dads, don't panic when you see such symptoms. Of course, going to the doctor is a must.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life Without Yining

This is the 3rd day without Yining around. Mummy and I had flu symptoms on Monday. Both of us have been on MC since. We sent her over to 外婆 in case she catches the flu from us.

Today hospital called and confirm that Mummy has H1N1 and has to be quarantined until 12th Jan. For me, doc says it looks like a common flu but I have to be on MC until the 7th to be safe. That means we can't bring Yining home at least for this week.

Now our worry is Yining. Hopefully she didn't catch anything from us. The incubation period for H1N1 is one week. So by next Monday we will know if she's safe.

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