Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yining Grumbling

The little one was grumbling non stop when I refused to give her the green tea that I was drinking. It went on for a good 5 minutes. She stopped when she probbably realised that she's still not going to get it despite the grumbling. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yining And Her Two Front Teeth!

The 'Bo Geh' Baby Smiling

3 weeks back, Yining started to drool alot..really alot! We thought this was a sign of teething. And true enough, her little 2 lower fronts teeths started to surface after a few days. Mummy and I were very excited. In fact not only us. Ah Gong, Ah Ma, 外公,外婆, Ah Yee, everyone was so excited and happy that Yining is getting her 2 front teeth.

But of course, apart from the fun and excitement, Yining has to go through the common teething problem like other infants. Her gums are itching, so she's biting and grinding whatever's going into her mouth. Not a major issue actually, except for one problem: Mummy's breastfeeding. I shall not go into the details, let us say Mummy's love is the greatest of all. :)

Another thing about this teething thing is that Yining is drinking less milk. I guess it's still the discomfort that affects her appetite so it's now quite challenging to get her finish a whole bottle of milk.

Very soon, Yining will be biting people. We actually looking forward to her leaving her marks, literally. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yining's First Time Tasting Baby Food

This is yet another one of Yining's first tries.

Yining's over 4 months now. So about 2 weeks ago we started to let her taste different food on the advice of our PD. This is to prep her for taking other food besides milks in the coming months.

Mummy and I bought one whole bunch of pureed fruit from Heinz from a baby fair for Yining. We decided to let taste abit of each during the weekends. Our first try was pureed Pear and Banana from Heinz.  Before letting Yining try it, I had to be the guinea pig. We wanted to make sure it isn't too sweet or too strong in other taste before giving it to Yining. And actually, the taste isn't fantastic, but it isn't too strong tasting, which was our intention.

So here we go.

Do you think she's enjoying her first attempt to taste baby food? I think she is, just that it's a first time, so she's not used to the taste. After all, she has not taken anything else other than milk from birth. And it's actually quite interesting to see her scringe with every spoon fed, isn't it? :P

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yining's First Haircut

This is long overdue. I will be posting more of Yining's 'first' attempts over the last 3 weeks soon. Hopefully I can finish updating over this weekend.

Yining had thick hair from the time she was born, and over these few months, her hair has gotten much longer and thicker. She wakes up every morning with her hair standing up like this.

While it's cute and amusing to have her hair all standing up, there's another problem. The thick hair is making her perspire alot. Even at night with A/C on, the back of her head is always wet with her perspiration and as a result causes rashes. So we decided that she needs a haircut.

Yining was surprisingly cooperative during the haircut. Except still trying to play with us, she didn't make a big fuss. I know majority of kids are afraid of having haircut. I have seen first hand accounts of children wailing at the top of their voices during haircuts. It was a relieve for us that she didn't misbehave. :)

Anyway, this was the end result.

No, this is not my baby boy. This is still my dear baby girl, Yining. :P