Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Prams Provided At Changi Airport

I mentioned before in one of my blog posts that Changi Airport is a child friendly place. The restaurants are spacious, there are plenty of nursing rooms. Great for outing with a baby.

Today my wife discovered another plus point. The airport actually provides prams for toddlers.

Pram @ Changi Airport T3
Just ask for it at the information counter. A round of applause for Changi Airport.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Teaching Yining Simple Tasks

Yining learnt something new a couple of days back. She picked up a cereal snack and stuck it into her mouth. This might seem a simple task, but for a toddler, she simply didn't have that fine control to pinch the small bit of snack with 2 fingers. This very simple action took her more than 2 weeks to master. And even so, she's still not very nimble with her fingers, on and off she will still miss the snack or have trouble putting the snack into her mouth.

The cereal snack from Gerber.
Cereal snacks in the shape of stars.
After trying to teach Yining certain simple actions and task, I realize how difficult it is to teach a toddler even the simplest things like feeding herself. Patience is the key.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yining's Getting Ready For X'Mas

Yining's getting ready for her first X'Mas party on X'Mas eve! This is Yining's first X'Mas and she has already received a few gifts well ahead of X'Mas. It's so nice to be a kid. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Early in the morning, barely 7am. I was checking something and she took over. :)
I need a new Macbook Pro. :P

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Morning Walk With Yining

Not sure if it's pure coincidence, every time I mention anything about bringing Yining to the beach, it's bound to rain heavily.

Yesterday was a lucky day. It was bright and sunny. Mummy and me quickly packed our stuff and headed to East Coast Park.

It was Yining's first time seeing the beach, the sea and touching sand. She was apprehensive when she set foot on the sand. I wished I captured her reaction when she saw the wave rushing towards her feet. Just too bad I was carrying her and Mummy didn't anticipate her reactions so we didn't get the camera ready.

As usual after the initial apprehension, Yining quickly warmed up and was happily getting her feet wet. We let her play for a short while and quickly got her into the shade because the sun was getting stronger.

It was a short trip to the beach but the little girl was already tired. Partly because her nap time is approaching. It was a great experience for Yining. She definitely liked it so we will be making our way to the beach more often to let her experience nature.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Yining's Candy Floss Phobia!

My very inquisitive baby touches anything that comes into her sight. So far, there isn't anything she's afraid to touch. A big headache, because we have to keep looking out to make sure she don't stick her tiny hands into the wrong things.

Last Friday, we finally discovered something that she's afraid to touch - Candy floss!!! We don't know why, but it's just amusing.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day Out @ Sentosa Underwater World - 18th Oct 2010

It's end of the year so Mummy and me are clearing leave for this work year. This is therefore a good opportunity for us to spend more time with Yining.

Couple of weeks back, we brought Yining to the Underwater World at Sentosa. At 8+ months, we thought that was one of the few places we could bring her. Going to the Zoo or Bird Park might be a waste of money since she probably don't understand what's going on. At Underwater World, she can be at closer 'contact' with the aquatic life. And the fishes swimming around should catch her attention.

True enough, Yining was fascinated by the display of aquatic animals. I never thought we could spend 2 hours going round and round the underwater display. She was enjoying herself very much looking at all the fishes swimming about.

As usual, I have my iMovie edited montage of the day's activity.

We are looking forward to our next outing. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yining had her first taste of ice-cream last weekend when we were at the airport. Like all babies, she wanted to try whatever we are eating. Naturally when she saw us eating ice-cream.

We let her take a first try. This is the first time her taste bud has encountered something so cold. I didn't manage to video the first attempt because the reaction was not expect
She liked the ice-cream and asked for more.

This is her 3rd and 4th try. Her expression is priceless! Anyway, that was the last try. We spent the next 2 days worrying that she might get a cough from eating the ice cream. :P

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yining's First 2 Phrases

Our baby girl started mumbling the usual 'ba ba ba' 'ah ah ah' since she was like 5 or 6 months. We tried to educate her to say 'Papa' or 'Mama' or 'Mum Mum' at that time amidst the excitement but we just couldn't succeed.

Last week was eventful. Yining was sick, we were all stressed up with anxiety. Fortunately, everything blew over. Then out of the blue, our baby girl uttered her first 2 phrases. First was 'Mum Mum' indicating that she wanted to eat. And the more important one was 'Mama'.

At first we thought it just random mumbling while she attempted to learn to talk, but we confirmed a few times that she's actually looking for Mummy when she said 'Mama'. And she's very gentle when she said that. Mummy's heart melted she heard Yining calling 'Mama', mine too. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little One's Fever - End

After one whole week of anxiety, we finally saw Yining's fever going away completely. On Tuesday, we went to Mount Alvernia to do another round of urine test and urine culture to make sure that she has no infection. Prelimary results were out on the same day and shows no signs of infection. Better results than the test we did on Saturday at KKH.

Today, Dr Yong's clinical assistants called and informed me that urine culture was negative for microorganism. That means that there's no significant amount of bacteria. This whole fever thing is gone for good.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little One's Fever - Part II

Looks like we were wrong with the teething theory behind her fever. We visited a pediatrician on Friday and the doctor got us to do a urine dipstick test for her. The prelimary results showed traces of infection. We were told to go to the hospital for a more conclusive test.

At KKH, a full blood count and another urine test was done. First test showed positive for infection. Doctor told us that they will send the urine to the lab more a final test. If test results are positive, they would need to put Yining on antibiotics intraveneously.

The wait for the result was nerve wrecking. While going on IV is trivial for us adult, it's very traumatic for a baby. Yining's a brave girl, she didn't cry or even twitch when the nurses took her blood, but IV's a different thing altogether. I have seen babies on IV before. It's very heartaching, especially when it's our own baby.

The results were out about 1 hour later. The lab test showed negative for infection, but possibly a viral attack. In comparison, this was much more trivial than an infection. Both mummy and me were really relieved.

While the situation was not that bad, we still had a viral attack to deal with. Doctor said the fever would go on for another day or two until the viral attack is over. During this time, we need to monitor her temperature and general well being. We would still need to bring her back if there's any other extraordinary situation.

Looking back, it was actually quite amusing that she stared at her finger while the nurse drew her blood. Nurse thought she would make a big fuss like other kids.

Anyway, we are still monitoring Yining's temperature now. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Temperature is ok for now after medication. Hopefully, the fever would be totally gone by morning.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Little One's Fever

The little one was having a high fever this morning. Temperature was above 39C. Mummy and me were very anxious. I was even contemplating to send her to A&E immediately.

Anyway, we decided to give her Panadol and observe for while before rushing down to A&E. Luckily fever subsided slowly and by 7am the fever was almost gone. So as per the usual routine, we brought her to Grandma's place.

When she reached Grandma's place, Mummy had a new discovery - 1 more tooth coming out to the left side of Yining's 2 lower front teeth. :)
So, the fever could have been caused by teething, but we are not taking chances. Grandma will observe her and we will bring her to the doctor if the fever comes back. But I hope we are right about the teething.

Search for baby teething

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two More Front Teeth On The Way!

After the last 2 lower front teeth, we have been waiting to see Yining's top front teeth. Sometime last week she started to grind her gums hard. I guess the itch must be unbearable.

Finally, the 2 top front teeth are showing up. Probably in a two weeks or so, she's going to be able to show us all four of her front teeth. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Little One Likes To Show Off

My little one likes to show off.

Yesterday, we tried to settle her down in her play-pen, but she refused to sit down. She wanted to stand. This little rascal is still learning to sit properly mind you.

Anyway, we let her try standing, while we hold on to her. Then we realized she was actually holding on the side of the play-pen firmly, firm enough for us to let go of her and let her stand on her own.

And so with her new found skill, she decides to show off, rocking to and fro while holding on to the side of the play-pen.

This is just one of the many things that she's been attempting. Fun to watch sometimes, but nerve wrecking when you discover her perform some of these stunts unexpectedly. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Yining's Test Drive :)

Yes, we have been missing again for the past one month. Too busy with work during the weekdays and my dear baby is taking up ALL my time during the weekends. :) I'm not complaining.

For those who missed Yining, she's almost 7 months old now, just a few more days to go. So we decided to get her a brand new ride.

Today, we brought her to Toys 'R' Us at Forum The Shopping Mall, for a 'test drive'.

Yining likes her new found mobility very much, so much that she cried when we carried her out of the walker. We didn't buy it though, because I found her back arching too much when she leaned forward. Prolong usage might not be good for her back.

So, we are going to carry on with the search for a better ride next week.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tempting Yining With Ice Cream

Yining's at the stage where she's trying to get a share of whatever we are eating. Knowing that, we can't help tempting her sometimes and see her anxious reaction when food doesn't land up in her mouth. Well...I guess this is a bit of "entertainment" for Mummy and Daddy in return for all the love we showered on her.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yining Grumbling

The little one was grumbling non stop when I refused to give her the green tea that I was drinking. It went on for a good 5 minutes. She stopped when she probbably realised that she's still not going to get it despite the grumbling. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yining And Her Two Front Teeth!

The 'Bo Geh' Baby Smiling

3 weeks back, Yining started to drool alot..really alot! We thought this was a sign of teething. And true enough, her little 2 lower fronts teeths started to surface after a few days. Mummy and I were very excited. In fact not only us. Ah Gong, Ah Ma, 外公,外婆, Ah Yee, everyone was so excited and happy that Yining is getting her 2 front teeth.

But of course, apart from the fun and excitement, Yining has to go through the common teething problem like other infants. Her gums are itching, so she's biting and grinding whatever's going into her mouth. Not a major issue actually, except for one problem: Mummy's breastfeeding. I shall not go into the details, let us say Mummy's love is the greatest of all. :)

Another thing about this teething thing is that Yining is drinking less milk. I guess it's still the discomfort that affects her appetite so it's now quite challenging to get her finish a whole bottle of milk.

Very soon, Yining will be biting people. We actually looking forward to her leaving her marks, literally. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yining's First Time Tasting Baby Food

This is yet another one of Yining's first tries.

Yining's over 4 months now. So about 2 weeks ago we started to let her taste different food on the advice of our PD. This is to prep her for taking other food besides milks in the coming months.

Mummy and I bought one whole bunch of pureed fruit from Heinz from a baby fair for Yining. We decided to let taste abit of each during the weekends. Our first try was pureed Pear and Banana from Heinz.  Before letting Yining try it, I had to be the guinea pig. We wanted to make sure it isn't too sweet or too strong in other taste before giving it to Yining. And actually, the taste isn't fantastic, but it isn't too strong tasting, which was our intention.

So here we go.

Do you think she's enjoying her first attempt to taste baby food? I think she is, just that it's a first time, so she's not used to the taste. After all, she has not taken anything else other than milk from birth. And it's actually quite interesting to see her scringe with every spoon fed, isn't it? :P

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yining's First Haircut

This is long overdue. I will be posting more of Yining's 'first' attempts over the last 3 weeks soon. Hopefully I can finish updating over this weekend.

Yining had thick hair from the time she was born, and over these few months, her hair has gotten much longer and thicker. She wakes up every morning with her hair standing up like this.

While it's cute and amusing to have her hair all standing up, there's another problem. The thick hair is making her perspire alot. Even at night with A/C on, the back of her head is always wet with her perspiration and as a result causes rashes. So we decided that she needs a haircut.

Yining was surprisingly cooperative during the haircut. Except still trying to play with us, she didn't make a big fuss. I know majority of kids are afraid of having haircut. I have seen first hand accounts of children wailing at the top of their voices during haircuts. It was a relieve for us that she didn't misbehave. :)

Anyway, this was the end result.

No, this is not my baby boy. This is still my dear baby girl, Yining. :P

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long Weekend With Yining

It's a long weekend this week! Although we bring Yining home everyday from Grandma's place, we only spend that 2 to 3 hours with her before she sleeps. It's only during the weekends that we get to spend more time with her. This long weekend gave us 1 extra solid day with her. It's very important for establishing of trust and bond between us and Yining.

On Friday, we brought her to Changi Airport. I find that it's one of the most children friendly places I can find ever since we had Yining. We had our lunch at 食在旺 (Simply Wang). Again the choice of the place is because it has ample space for us to wheel in the pram and have Yining sitting in the pram while we have our meals.
IMG 1301



IMG 1302

IMG 1308

Yining had her meal there too, but of course it's her usual 3 hourly milk.

IMG 1311
Yining was very curious when we walked around with her in the pram, so curious she protested when we laid the pram flat for her to lie down. She wanted to sit up and see the people and the surrounding. This curious kid's head is still not stable, so we couldn't let her do so for a long period of time. :)

We spent quite a fair bit of time that day, partly because we were trying to escape the terribly hot weather outside. Yining enjoyed the aircon the most actually. She slept for a good hour or so.

On Sunday, we brought her to Liang Court after going for a baby product sale at Chai Chee. Nothing much for kids at Liang Court, but we wanted to have lunch and just have a walk, rather than just cooping her at home. And of course, Yining has to be satisfied before we can settle on our meals.

The curious baby as usual was turning her head all over the place to look at people and flashing her 'killer smile' at strangers who stopped to play with her.

Anyway this outing was a quick one, Mummy and me had to rest too. :) It's back to work after the long weekend. I'm looking forward to the coming weekend to spend time with Yining again.

To end this post, I present to you, Yining, The Happy Baby. Hope it makes your day. :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Father Held Ransom By His Daughter




Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cranky Yining

This weekend is tiring. For some reason, Yining's been really cranky. She either refuses to sleep, or she wants us to carry her while she's sleeping. When we laid her the bed, she started wailing immediately.

This was unlike her. Yining seldom make such a big fuss. In fact we don't get her crying everyday. Most of the she will just pout and whine abit. She's sleeping right now, took us quite some effort to get her to sleep.

Hopefully this only for this weekend. Mummy and me loves Yining. We hate to see her crying and screaming at the top of her voice.

Friday, May 21, 2010



Monday, May 10, 2010

My very active baby girl

My baby girl wakes up early in the morning, as early as 5am sometimes. Sometimes she will want to "chat" with us, but mostly she will play on her own.

This morning, she was crying for attention. Think she woke up too early and was getting bored. So we turned on the musical toy at her cot and there she goes, with her exercise regime.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Post vaccination fever

Prior to Yining's vaccination, we were already preparing for her to run a fever after the jab. I'm pretty paranoid about fever because a colleague's baby contracted meningitis and had to be admitted to hospital for 3 weeks. My colleague was pretty shaken and reminded me to be extra careful about fever.

Anyway, we gave Yining Panadol for infants when we got back home from the clinic. She was still as playful, and didn't show any signs of fever. Huge relief for me and Mommy.

Unfortunately, her fever started at about 9pm at night. We took the first reading and it was 38.1 degree celsius. We quickly gave her another round of Panadol and settled her to sleep. After that we were taking temperature at regular intervals.

I guess the medication kicked in after 1am. Her temperature was at about 37.5 degree celsius and hovering around that. Finally at 4am, it was back to about 36.9 to 37.2. That was a safe range since we always take her temperature even when she was well.

Despite having anticipated the fever, we were still thrown off guard. We still need to continue with the taking of temperature because some babies can continue to have the fever on and off for the next 2 days or so.

Yining's 2nd vaccination @ 3 months

Yining had her jab for DPT and Pneumococcal yesterday, 7th May 2010.

Contrary to what we expected, she didn't create a huge racket at the clinic when the jab was administered. I guess, our pediatrician's experience played a part too. She's really patient with babies and definitely has her way dealing with them.

Videos tells the story much more than word do.

Debut of Yining's Baby Diary

Hi, I'm Yining's Daddy. Welcome to my baby girl's blog.

I wish I had done this earlier because my baby girl is 3 months now. So there's quite alot of catching up for me to do to get this blog up to date. I'm trying to keep a diary of my baby girl's growing up journey and let her reminisce on her childhood memories when she grows up.

Of course, this is also Mommy and Daddy's journey with our baby as we grow with her. :)