Sunday, July 31, 2016

Milestone - Cycling On 2 Wheels

Another milestone reached - Cycling on a 2 wheels. Took a few sessions to get her to this stage.

Yining's previous bicycle was a 12'' which she has out-grown due to her height. We had a hard time choosing this current new bike for her actually. She was a little too tall for 14'' and will probably out-grow the bicycle soon but she's a little too short for the 16''. In the end we decided on the 16''. 

Another reason why we chose this bike is because of the weight. It weighs only 9.6kg, compared to the common ones which will weight 12 - 14kg. Considering 6 year olds' body weight of between 20 - 22kg, a 12kg bike is about 60% of their own weight. That 10% less weight is quite significant for them. We got this at Decathlon Singapore for SGD $149, not too pricy, so we went with this.

Now the next thing is to get her to be more stable and teach her more on safety. Once she's done, we can go cycling together for more adventures. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

You Know You Are Old When This Happens

This is Yining...going after my white hair. She's determined to get that strand out and she's so focused that she didn't know I'm taking a video. :P

I think this can qualify as some sort of parent-child bonding, right?

So, I'm getting older, so is Yining. People have always told me that daughters are more 贴心, more thoughtful. I guess they are right.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Swimming - Week 7

See the white swimming cap bobbing up and down? That's Yining. This is her 7th swimming lesson, 7th week into learning to swim. She has lost her float and swimming breadth of the pool. In fact she can do 100m non stop without much effort. 

She enjoys water very much, so we are swimming twice a week whenever possible over the last 7 weeks. She's quite persistent in learning to swim, though I have to keep pushing her at the side to execute her moves properly.

I must say I'm pretty impressed, considering that some of the older kids in the more senior class are still having problems doing their 100m. Too bad we didn't capture her smug face when her instructor told her to demonstrate to her class and praised her for doing well. Lol!

Well done! Let's do 200m non stop this weekend. :P